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BIOMECO s.r.l. is a young company set up with the goal of improving the quality of everyday life. In cooperation with leading companies in the field, its dynamic team has developed Deotrash, an innovative, patented and completely organic product that sanitizes the waste bin and eliminates unpleasant odours. Right from the very first tests and pilots, this eco-friendly and non-polluting product has demonstrated its outstanding potential. Extensive trials performed together with waste disposal companies have established the real effectiveness of the product and the significant cost savings it brings in the management of waste bins. Visit the website for further information and technical reports.

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New product: Cloud Water.

Deotrash the idea that improve your life.


Biomeco Cloud Water Hand Winner Cafèlife Awards 2015


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Cloud Water -Patented automatic machine for handwashing, disinfection and drying.

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DEOTRASH 100 ml to 5 lt containers to 50 lt
Deotrash eliminates odors of garbage.


Deotrash 250 ml. – Eliminates odors from garbage cans
bins from 120 liters to RSU for 3200lt


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